Monday, August 23, 2010

Hiking Pine Bluffs, Wy


Bets and the kids just after our break for a picnic lunch

Jim and the kids

Lexie - ready to go

Max kept stopping to play in the sand

The kids

Monday, February 22, 2010

Candid Shots

Here are just some fun shots.

Lexie showing off her toothless grin - and swollen gums.

My sleeping girls.

Max - oh, so cheesy!

Abi and Max

I found this note in Max's room today, I don't know when Lex wrote it. I'm not sure it is good that now she can express herself in so many ways. Funny.

Max loved these pipe cleaner glasses we made.

My goofy Abi.

Abi's self portrait.


This past weekend we got snow, the first measurable snow since we moved here. The kids had a blast in it. But, we learned snow doesn't fall straight down here, it seems to always be blowing at an angle.

The girls made snow angels.

Not to be outdone, Max made a great snow angel too.

Lovin' the snow!

Max, he is always happy and smiling.

Crazy kids

Poor Dad, all work and no play.

Abi looks like she's freezing, but she never said so.

Lex tried to pull Max and Abi in the wagon - I don't think it was built for snow.

Lex was dancin' a jig.

A quick trip back to Utah.

Last weekend we went back to Woods Cross to paint a wall in our house (hopefully it will sell now). It was a whirl-wind trip, but we accomplished lots in a little amount of time. On Friday, me and the kids went with the "regulars" to Arctic Circle. It was great to see everyone. On Saturday, Jim and I went to dinner and a movie with my sister and brother-in-law, while the kids got to play with their cousins. On Sunday we were able to go to Provo and visit with Jim's grandparents for a bit. It was great to see them. The kids love their "grandma and grandpa great." Here are some great pics we took while in Provo.

Toothless Lexie

Lex lost her first top tooth on Feb. 6, then she lost the second on Feb. 16 - leaving her toothless. She loves the look. I hope she isn't disappointed when they grow back in.

Lexie turns 7 - Holy Cow!!!

On February 2nd Lex turned 7 years old - how can the be?????
Since we were still living in the hotel on Lexie's birthday, we decided to take a day trip to Denver to celebrate the special day. Lexie chose the events of the day, starting out with a stop at Chuck E. Cheese. All of the kids loved it!

After Chuck E. Cheese we went to the Denver Aquarium. It was amazing - almost Sea World-ish. We all loved it. Lexie and Betsey pet and fed the rays, Abi just screamed every time they got close, and Max just didn't think they were that cool.

We went on the 4D Sponge Bob ride at the aquarium - the kids loved it!

On Lex's real birthdate, we went swimming, opened presents, and of course had birthday cake.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I know it has been a really long time since I have "blogged", but let's just forget that little leave of absence and start from this point forward.

On January 1, 2010 we made the big move to Sidney, Nebraska. Jim accepted a position with Cabela's, and for the time being we are living in a hotel.

Here is the kid's first trip to Cabela's

Abi's new favorite game is Memory

Our favorite pass-time is swimming in the hotel pool

Summer Is Coming To An End

Summer has dwindled to almost a mere memory - I am not ready for that. But, this summer was awesome! Me and the kids played lots, and poor Jim worked. Oh wait, before you start to shed tears on Jim's behalf, remember, fall is just around the corner - hunting, hunting, and more hunting. His time is quickly approaching. Anyway, me, Lex, Max and Abi spent lots of days at the pool and the zoo. We played and played - well they played and I chased them. Here are the pics to prove how much we enjoyed the summer of 2008.

Kindergarten - Here She Comes

Wow!! Lexie started Kindergarten on August 18. Unbelievable! I asked her if she wanted me to drive her to school the first day, or if she wanted to ride the bus. Of course, she wanted to ride the bus. So, we went to the very crowded bus stop (we counted today and there were 46 kids at her bus stop), she gets with her friends, Kelsey and Lauren and is psyched when the bus comes. In all of her Lexie cuteness, she just proudly waves to me as she boards the bus - not a bit of nervousness - that's my girl!

She said her first day was great. They had P.E. and did jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups (Lex did 10 sit-ups).

Then there was the bus ride home. I had forgotten to tell Lex that the bus would take kids to other bus stops too. So, as the bus starts, one of her friends started telling her and the other girls that they must be on the wrong bus because they were going the wrong way. Well, after Lexie told the bus driver where she lived they finally made it to the stop. The doors on the bus open and hmmm Lexie's mom isn't there waiting for her like she had said she would be. Neither were any of her friend's moms, so she didn't recognize anyone. (I had been told that the bus would be there 10 minutes later than it was). Just as I was headed out the door, Lex showed up on the porch crying. I felt horrible. The poor girl was a bit shaken, but we talked it out and she was okay. I'm afraid I lost my Mother of the Year nomination over this.

Day two went much better. She jumped on the bus. Had music in the music room at school and made it to her mom waiting for her at the bus stop.

We may survive this school thing after all.